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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Antique Furniture Collectors

There is just something appealing about antique furniture pieces that people prefer to buy them over the more traditional or even the latest trends in furniture pieces. What is great with antique furniture is the many choices that they can give you in terms of era and style. For a lot of antique furniture collectors who have been collecting these items for quite some time, they have what it takes to choose the right kind of antique furniture piece to add to their increasing collection. However, if you are still new with the whole antique furniture collection thing, then you need to have acquired both experience and time in collecting these items. Good thing this article will serve as the ultimate buying guide for antique furniture collectors.

For authentic antique furniture buy, you have to be sure to acquire the skills necessary to choosing the real antique furniture pieces from the reproduced antique furniture pieces. Here are some of the things that you should look out for as you go buying some antique furniture pieces to get for your home or office.

Dimensions must be the first thing that you should think about. The real antique furniture pieces do not possess any uniformity in their dimensions because most of them are made of wood and this material will shrink as time goes by. If the antique furniture being sold is uniform in dimensions, then chances are, they are not authentic antique items. In order for you to better see the angles of any piece of antique furniture that you are thinking of buying, make sure to get them in broad daylight.

The next thing that you should do is to assess how solid your item is. Antique furniture will never be valuable if you cannot use them as well. Buying a legitimate antique chair is worthless if you are not able to sit on it. For test of functionality of antique furniture items, you can move them or sit on them for authentic antique shops will offer these options to you. Take it from the experts of antique furniture that tell you to do so. Be sure to look into their parts. The antique furniture pieces that you should buy are those that have both their decorative and functional parts intact.

Finally, check for evidence of the antiquity of the furniture. Age is usually the criterion for a furniture piece being antique; so, you have to look for some piece of evidence that the item is at least one hundred years old. Make sure to also look for visible signs of depreciation such as the corners of the antique furniture having dust that can be hard to reach by simply dusting them off.

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